Patmos (fragmento)

Nah ist
Und schwer zu fassen der Gott.
Wo aber Gefahr ist, wächst
Das Rettende auch.

Friedrich Hölderlin

sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

Una version de Allen Tate sobre Safo

Farewell To Anactoria


Never the tramp of foot or horse, 
Nor lusty cries from ship at sea, 
Shall I call loveliest on the dark earth- 
My heart moves lovingly. 

I say that what one loves is best: 
The midnight fastness of the heart. 
Helen, you took the beauty of men 
With unpitying art! 

White Paris from Idean hills 
For you the Trojan towers razed 
Who swiftly ploughed the black seas 
Had on your white arm gazed! 

Oh, how loving from afar 
Led you to grief, for in your mind 
The present was too light, as ever 
Among fair womankind. . . . 

So, Anactoria, go you away 
With what calm carelessness of sorrow! 
Your gleaming footstep and your grace, 
When comes another morrow, 

Much would I rather then behold 
Than Lydian cars or infantry. 
I ask the lot of blessedness, 
Beloved, in memory.
Allen Tate :

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